How to Add Fonts to Computer

I thought I would make kind of a different post, but one that will hopefully still be useful.

This tutorial will be based off of “”, as that is where I get most of my fonts. (The site title is done in “The Only Exception”.)

How to get started: my computer has Windows 8, but I’m sure its the same process for other OS.
Go to, or another font website you’ve found.

Once you’ve found the font that you like, press the “DOWNLOAD” button.

A message box should pop up, asking if you would like to open or save file. You want to save file.

Once you’ve hit “OK”, the file goes to your downloads. In your downloads, click on the file that you’ve saved.

Once you’ve clicked on the file (, a window will pop up with a font file. Note: I accidentally did this tutorial with a couple different fonts, that’s why below it says “dandelion in the spring” whereas in the file above it has “”.

You want to double click the file. Make sure the type of file is TrueType font file.

Once you’ve double clicked your font file, a window will open with a preview of your font. There are 2 options “Print” and “Install”. You want to Install.

You may be prompted for a password from the administrator, type in, press “OK” and your font is officially downloaded!

You won’t be able to use them directly on your website (not everyone will have the same fonts and may not be able to see the font). However you can now use them in any photo editing program or even “Paint”.

Hopefully this helped you out a little bit.
Have a great day!

Note: If you don’t have Windows 8 and it’s not working for you. Follow the first 2 steps until “Downloads”. You may not be able to click downloads from your Internet Browser. If that’s the case, go to your files (“My computer”) from there you want to “File up”.

Once you’ve “filed up” you should be at your desktop. There will be files such as “Control Panel”, “Computer” & “Libraries”. You want to click on your System File. So for me, it’s my name. For you, it could be the owner of the computers name or administrator. Note: There are different System Files, you need to click the one that’s a name or the name of the computer, NOT “Homegroup”, “Computer” or “Network Places”.

From there, you click “Downloads” and this is where you will find all your .zip files. Click on the font you want, and finish the steps from above.


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