Natural Face Care

If you’ve ever had problem skin, where you’ve tried everything, used every store-bought product you could and still had no results.. you should try using natural products.Without putting the unnecessary chemicals on your skin, your face can actually breathe and stays cleaner.

Before I ever made the switch, my face was really oily especially around my T-zone. I was prone to blackheads and would break out if I changed anything about my skin routine, or forgot to wash my face one day. However, since making the switch to all-natural products, my face has completely changed. It’s more even than it’s ever been, I don’t breakout near as often, if at all (unless I’m stressed, etc.). And I feel more confident and reliable with my skin and how it’s going to look on a certain day. Making the change really has changed my entire outlook on my face and skin care.

I normally use a scrub or oil to clean my face everyday, but these are other face wash ideas you could try (not everything works for everybody). But, hopefully one of these will work for you!

Fruit Masks
Strawberries and lemon juice are a natural source of salicylic acid & natural astringents. You could use either, mash up and massage over face to lift dead skin cells, rinse.

Lime, peaches, tangerines, oranges, watermelon, tomatoes or cucumbers are all good fruits to use on the face. Experiment with what you have: Massage onto face. Rinse.

Papaya & Strawberries: Take 1/4 papaya, add 2 strawberries & 1 teaspoon olive oil. Mash, add 1 tablespoon oatmeal (oatmeal soothes redness) and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Leave 10 minutes & rinse.

Tomato & Lemon: Mix mashed ripe tomatoes with 1 tablespoon oatmeal and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Leave 5-10 minutes, rinse.

Avocado & Banana: Mash 1/2 avocado and 1/2 banana, apply & leave 10 minutes. Rinse.
You could also use just banana or just avocado.

Hopefully one of these will help you or at least give you some inspiration for your own recipes.

Also try Face Scrubs!


2 thoughts on “Natural Face Care

  1. Surely our scientists know more about chemistry that nature
    does, so surely they should be able to come up with some far better for our skin than any of these natural oils
    and butters you read about. This natural skin
    care ingredient works in 2 ways; by relaxing your skin to
    smooth out wrinkles and by re-densifying your skin to permanently reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
    Limejuice can also be a helpful skin aid.


    • I agree with you in that, yes, scientists “should” know more about the chemistry. However, a lot of products have excess chemicals and preservatives that are undesirable and frankly unnecessary. As well, there are a lot of people out there that not only prefer natural skin care, but choose it over chemical-laden products.


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