28 Uses for Coconut Oil: Face, Hair & Body

Coconut oil has great moisturising properties, is naturally anti-bacterial, has anti-septic and antioxidant properties, and has an SPF of 4.
Not bad all for one oil!

I wanted to make a thorough list, but I wanted to make one where you don’t add anything to the oil, you just use it as is.

  1. Can be used to wash face with oil-cleansing method or just use as regular face wash.
  2. Use as a makeup remover.
  3. Take a bit on a cotton pad rub gently onto face to moisturise instead of using one with chemicals.
  4. Could also do the same for a toner, and dab a little bit on face with a cotton pad.
  5. Try using as a lip conditioner. Leave the oil in the original container though – it can change the consistency if you don’t.
  6. Take a cotton swab and dab on any blemishes or spots.
  7. It could be used to (naturally) help with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.
  8. After doing dishes, use as a hand lotion.
  9. Massage on cuticles to moisturise and soften.
  10. Also try rubbing it onto nails to help them grow.
  11. In place of a body lotion.
  12. Use as a body wash, you’ll come out with super soft skin!
  13. You could also lather it on before you shower for extra moisturising.
  14. As a shaving cream..
  15. And aftershave.
  16. Deodorant without all the chemicals. Just rub a small amount under each arm.
  17. A low SPF sunscreen..
  18. Natural tanning oil.
  19. Rub on ends of hair to help moisturise split ends.
  20. Heat oil, and saturate hair. To intensify the benefits, wrap hair in a hair cap and hot towel. Leave on for 1-2 hours (or more!). Rinse & shampoo if desired.
  21. Smooth frizz with a little oil.
  22. Moderate hair gel.
  23. Massage on feet and put on socks before bed to soften your skin.
  24. Can also use on cuticles and nails on toes.
  25. Can soothe itching.
  26. Help soothe allergies, rub a small amount inside nose.
  27. Natural lubricant.
  28. Delicious smelling massage oil.

This is all I can think of, I know there’s way more ideas than this, but these are just using the oil without adding anything to it. You could add another element to any of the ideas though, to make them more exfoliating or moisturising, etc.

Hopefully one of these ideas was useful for you!


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