Vegan Cooking: Sugar & Sweeteners

Well, I’m off to work in 4 days; on March 30th, the place where I worked closed down so I was out of a job. But, I applied for a new job, had my interview and start May 6th. Which is good, but I’ve been out of work for a month! I’ve never gone that long since I was 15!

Anyways, now that’s off my chest :), on to the subject.

If you’re vegan, you know not to eat sugar, particularly cane sugar. The reason why is because of the production process. Cane sugar goes through a process in which charcoal (of animal, plant, or mineral) is used.

There are many alternatives that you can use and a lot of them are much better for you.

Sugar & Sweetener Alternatives:
Agave: I really like this sweetener, it looks like honey, but is sweeter and it comes from the agave plant. And, it’s becoming more mainstream so you don’t necessarily have to go to the health food store to purchase (depending on where you live).

Maple syrup: Being Canadian, I love my maple syrup and it’s a great replacement. However, be sure to check with the manufacturer: some companies use an “anti-foaming” agent that could be animal or plant derived.

Dates: Grind up dried dates for a good alternate in baking.

Molasses: Comes from cane sugar, but is unrefined to keep the brown colouring.

Brown rice syrup: Tastes different from honey or agave. Made with rice and enzymes.

You could also just make sure you buy beet sugar (made from sugar beets) or unrefined cane sugar. Although, these sugars certainly aren’t that good for you. Also, remember that brown sugar is just refined white sugar with molasses added.

There are others as well such as stevia or fructose, but the ones listed above are the least “refined” and to me the most natural replacements. Although, stevia is made from the plant, I’ve read and seen it all over the place with people doubting it’s safety in foods. So, that one will be up to you!

Hopefully this will help, and if you have any other ideas, please comment!

Have a great Thursday!


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