Smooth Legs for Summer!

My legs are constantly dry whether it’s cold out or not. And I’m the type of person that forgets to put on lotion, so I have to deal with it quite a lot (on account of myself though!). But I have found a few options that are easy and work pretty well!

Store bought body washes, shaving lotions and lotions always dry out my skin. I’m quite sure it’s the chemicals and the preservatives that are in them. Although I have used quite a few natural options that are supposed to be “99.8%” natural and they still dry my skin out (hidden chemicals?!).I’ve used quite a few different lotions and potions and some of them work and some don’t. But I thought I would share some ideas and hopefully some will work for you!

Olive Oil:
This is absolutely the best moisturiser I have ever used. I only use extra virgin, although I’m not sure if it would really make a difference if you use regular oil (however it may not work as well because it would be more refined). All I do is use a small amount and rub it into my legs. It leaves the skin shiny for about 5-10 minutes but once it sinks in, it makes my legs so soft!

Body Scrubs:
Olive oil is definitely good but using a scrub first can do wonders! I try to use one with olive oil as well, but coconut or another oil would do. I try to leave the scrub on for a couple minutes and I rub it in until the sugar starts to dissolve. Scrubs with citrus can help too as they help to slough away dry skin. (There are tons of scrubs you can use, for a few ideas click here!)

Shea/Cocoa Butter:
These butters moisturise really well and smell great! You can buy the organic butters at a health food store and they will retain more of the nutrients and moisturising abilities than a refined version. You can use these in the shower by rubbing on your legs, leaving a few minutes then rinsing. Or you could rub it in like a body lotion after the shower.

Coconut oil:
This oil works well too, however I find that the olive oil is a more rich moisturiser whereas the coconut oil is better for cleansing. If I use coconut oil I use it the same as the olive oil above, or in a scrub. This oil can also be good if you’re only going out for bit in the sun or doing errands on a hotter day (has an SPF of 4!).

Water ultimately hydrates the skin – you can moisturise all you want but if you don’t hydrate your skin it won’t be as soft as you want. Drinking lots of water can help with the condition of your skin and just taking a shower helps to hydrate.

These are the best options that I’ve used so far. If you want really soft legs I would suggest staying away from the chemicals and preservatives in store bought products. Exfoliating is really good for making the skin soft and you can use a loofah or similar item or just use a scrub – it’s a bit better for the environment. What you eat can also affect the skin: try to eat cleaner and the condition of your skin will improve, even if just slightly. Also, use sunscreen to help even further!

I didn’t add anything about waxing, shaving, etc. because I’ve used different methods and I prefer to shave. I know that’s not everyone’s preference and find another option better. But I can say if you do shave, use at least a 4 blade razor – it definitely helps to cut down on nicks and I find it helps make my skin a little smoother compared to the 2 or 3 blade razors.

Hopefully these tips will get your legs smooth for summer!


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