Tips to Combat Oily Skin!

There are a lot of products out there that claim they can “cure” your oily skin. But many of those products only help the surface of the problem and require continual use to actually work. I’ve always had oily skin and I used to only buy oil-free products and never let anything with the word oil in it near my face. But I’ve come to realize that those products didn’t really help the problem, they just calmed it temporarily. I’ve written some ideas you could try, that I’ve found helps my skin.

· Change your pillow case every night (or every 2 nights), this way you’re not rubbing your face into a dirty pillow each night.

· Use exfoliants, they can help slough away dead skin cells and open your pores to rid them of the dirt and oil that’s in there.

· A lot of products and articles claim that if you have oily skin to use oil-free skin products, but its not true! You can’t clean oil with water – oil cleans oil. Using a store bought product will rid your face of the surface oil but your skin will produce excess oil to make up for the oil that you washed off. But using an oil (olive, coconut, castor, etc.) to wash the face won’t dry the skin and will help keep a healthy amount of oil on your face.

· If you do use natural scrubs and washes, try adding lemon or strawberries – they are natural astringents and strawberries have natural salicylic acid.

· Don’t wipe your face when you get out of the shower – pat it with a clean towel. As well, try to keep a towel specifically for your face – you wouldn’t want the same towel that wipes your feet near your face.

· This tip is everywhere (although I have a hard time with it) don’t touch your face! Your fingers and hands touch everything throughout the day and have a lot of oil on them, so try not to touch your face!

· If you wear makeup, make sure you wash your brushes periodically and use clean hands when applying product. Also, if you can, skip foundation or wear a light powder instead.

· Watch your diet; eating more greasy foods, dairy products and junk food (depending on the person) can produce excess oil. If you’re unsure about different food triggers, when you have your next breakout, try to keep track if what your eating and limit certain foods to see if it helps.)


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