Natural Deodorant Ideas

Store bought deodorants contain many unwanted (and unnecessary) ingredients and even some “natural” deodorants aren’t that great. I’m definitely the type to forget to put on deodorant, so finding an option that was easy and something I wasn’t going to forget was turning into a small challenge. However, I’ve tried a few different ideas that are really easy and not hard at all to use or make.

Baking Soda: Baking soda can be mixed with other ingredients to create a deodorant-like solid (mix baking soda, corn starch and coconut oil – there are many recipes on the net!). But it can also be used with a little water or mixed with corn starch/arrowroot powder and dusted on.

Coconut oil: I really like the oil because it has anti-bacterial properties and is good for keeping the smell away. Even body scrubs with coconut oil (as long as I scrub it in well) work quite well. You can also try to rub a small amount in after you get out of the shower. It’s not the best option for hot days but definitely quick and easy for everyday.

: Because of it’s natural astringent and anti-bacterial agents, lemons are a natural choice for odor control. You can slice a lemon, store the slices and use one in the morning. Or if you store the juice, just dab a little on in the mornings.

Essential oils: You can also try different essential oils for a deodorant factor, although it won’t do much as an antiperspirant. Tea tree oil and lavender are good options to add to a baking soda or corn starch recipe.

You could try other ingredients too: other citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit or limes) or aloe vera gel. I’m sure there are a hundred more ideas, but these are the ones that have worked well for me, are pretty easy to do and budget friendly, too.



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