Living in the City

Being a girl who is used to living in the country – walking down the road each way for at least an hour before reaching a store and having a river a short walk behind the house – to living in the city the past few years, has been a bit different. I did grow up in the city until I was about 7 or 8. Then my family moved to the country and lived there while growing up. I got so used to having barely any noise (except the sound of coyotes and cows), no loud construction and a general peacefulness about stepping outside.

I also wish I had a picture of the cows – we lived close to a farm so there were days that I woke up to the sound of 20-30 cows in our yard. Oreo was pretty good at herding them, though. 🙂

The one thing I definitely miss the most about my “country home” was going for a 5 minute walk just to get to this:

Living in town is definitely a lot different – and just thinking about it now – is giving me such a headache! At the very least, I live close to the water, trails and lots of parks. It’s certainly not the same, but it gives the same type of calmness. Especially when you can look out at the water and don’t see any buildings or people.

The other night, it was really nice out so I decided to walk by the river that’s near my apartment. It’s a really small “park” but it has a rock wall lining the river with trees and benches. But, I decided to walk along the rock wall – it did remind me of the river in the country: running and jumping across rocks bigger than you. (Somewhat like the picture below – but there are some much bigger! ;))

As I was walking, I noticed a duck in the water, I looked further down into the water and this is what I saw:

A little further and I saw:

I don’t know about any of you out there, but as soon as I saw this all I’m thinking is how I can get down there to clean it up. I went from concerned for the duck, to frustrated, to genuinely pissed off. I can’t believe how messy the city is! I find this all the time at the city parks and you can’t not see a little bit of garbage in the water in the city.

I know even at the river and further out of town you see some garbage, but it’s more Styrofoam cups with dirt (for worms), plastic drink bottles – no where near as bad as the city!

Things like this really make me miss the country.
And think about how ignorant some people can be and how the world is turning into a dumping ground. It seems like people forget that we have this amazing place to live and they take it for granted. The world isn’t going to last forever, and I know it won’t be in our generation or 5 from now. But one day people will be saying how they wish previous generations would have taken care of the planet better. There are so many beautiful spots in the world – and you don’t need to go across the globe to find them. Go forth and explore your city – or the outskirts!

I’m going to stop there, because thinking about that makes me want to go on a 3 day rant about everything I hate about certain things. That’s all I’m saying!

Enjoy your weekend! Visit the country! 😉


2 thoughts on “Living in the City

  1. we now see a beautiful space and it almost invites our current urges to trash it. I don’t understand why but it does happen. Too much trash, not enough caring or something. We just got back from primitive camping and whenever our little group seen trash in the state park, we nabbied it and took it back out of the woods. It would be nicer if more went to the country like people who go to golf courses. Clean and green. Peace and blessings


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