Watermelon Face Care!

I love watermelon, it is absolutely my favourite fruit of all time. I could eat watermelon all day and still not get sick of it. Which, I actually have been doing the last couple days, as part of a “watermelon cleanse”, to help clean the system.. and because I’m the only one who eats watermelon in the house! (Although, it’s not a true cleanse since I did eat other food!)

But I’ve recently realized that it’s also a great option for skin care! Watermelon is a natural astringent and can help smooth and rejuvenate the skin. Every part of the fruit is beneficial for the skin: the flesh, juice and rinds. If using the juice, it can be placed in a separate container for later use. The juice may last longer than the flesh, although you’ll be able to tell if it’s gone bad.

You can also keep the rinds which have a lot of nutrients and skin benefits – you can simply massage the rind on the skin, flesh side up, and rinse. (You can do the same with banana peels for smooth skin!)

Lately, I’ve been using the juice and/or flesh to cleanse my skin in the shower – simply rub in and rinse. I haven’t noticed any breakouts and my skin feels fresh and cleaner. Although I still do use a scrub (or use the watermelon in the scrub) – my skin gets really oily in the summer so the exfoliation can do wonders!

There are many different masks and scrubs with watermelons, but I thought I’d share the ones I’ve used and seem to work pretty well.

Watermelon Face Mask:
Use a small amount of watermelon flesh and oil of choice (I’ve used olive and coconut) and massage into skin. Leave to dry or just rinse immediately. Using the flesh vs. the juice has an extra benefit: the texture of the flesh acts as a mild exfoliator.

Watermelon Scrub:
Although the flesh does work as an exfoliator, adding sugar or sea salt can help slough away dead skin cells much better. Use the flesh or juice and add sugar/sea salt and mix to a desired consistency. You can also add an oil to up the moisturising factor.

Watermelon & Banana Wash:
Mix banana and watermelon together for a naturally astringent and moisturising face/body wash. I usually blend the banana and mash the watermelon in with a fork. I just use this recipe in the shower, massage in and rinse.

Watermelon & Strawberries Face Wash:
Both of these fruits have natural astringents properties and strawberries have natural salicylic acid. So it’s a great option for a summer-time face wash. I’ll normally just mash them together or blend them and apply on my face. Depending on if I have time, I’ll leave the mask on to dry then rinse off. Otherwise if I’m in the shower I’ll wash and rinse right away. You can add sugar/sea salt to this recipe as well for a more exfoliating face wash.

I know there are tons more, you can always google to find more options!

Writing this on my breaks at work, so better get back to it! 🙂


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