Canada’s Day! (a little late!)

I know there are many people celebrating 4th of July today and this week. But, the past weekend I celebrated Canada’s Day! It ended up being a great long weekend – especially now that I get weekends off with my new job!

On Sunday, we went to Gananoque for their Rib Fest (which sounds completely hypocritical since I don’t eat meat and a lot of the blogs I follow and write are vegan!) to visit our friend that worked one of the rigs. It was really neat I’ve never been to one before, they have huge signs and billboards above the rigs and pretty much cook from 9am to 11pm. I can’t attest very well to how the ribs were (although Jake and our friend both ate a lot!) but I had some of their potatoes and they were really good!

Apparently this was a smaller show – there were only 4 rigs, but in bigger cities like Ottawa there are 20 or more. They had other booths too: Bob’s Baked Taters (which was right beside our friend’s rig – Gator BBQ), Beaver Tails, a booth selling pies, liquor booths and other activities, like rock climbing, youth performers and live bands.

We ended up staying the night there at the Ramada and after we got our room, we realized it was 2 doors down from our friend’s rooms! This hotel was different though, it wasn’t like a hotel, more like a motel where your front door leads outside (below is outside of the hotel room). Which is good for me, because I always wake up early and don’t like staying inside for too long in the mornings – especially when there’s 2 guys passed out inside still. So I sat outside for about an hour and half Monday morning, drinking my tea and eating an orange. Our room was also pretty neat – the hotel had a “rustic” feel when you walked into the reception area – and the ceiling in our room was wood:On Monday, we stayed in town for a few hours before heading back home. The place where they were holding the festival was right beside a park and a lake, so we went down there and walked downtown for a bit as well. On our way home, we decided to take the highway (which for the record, I wanted to take a different route – which takes a little longer but nicer views!) and as soon as we pull onto the off ramp, we’re stuck in a traffic jam! Ah! And because we drove a little bit further out of Gananoque to get on the highway, it took us another 45 minutes just to creep our way back to where we started! We were going to take the next exit that we hit, but we ended up seeing the cause of the jam! It took us about 2 and half hours to get home (where it took us about an hour to get there!), although we did stop on the way home for the guys to stock up on beer for the night. I made some cookies when we got home and waited for the fireworks!

Since it was raining, we decided to just stay home and watch them from our balcony (the one plus of living by the water!) Of course, all night I kept hearing fireworks going off and kept thinking they were the city’s works going off, so I would run to the balcony only to realize that they weren’t the big ones. Around 10:10 they finally started going off and it was a pretty good show – although I thought last years was definitely better!

Have a great week!


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