Mango & Olive Oil Hair Mask

JULY 28TH, 2013 I bought a bunch of fruit last week, thinking for sure I’d eat them, but of course, I did forget about one quickly ripening mango. This morning I decided to use that mango and not let it go to waste, so I punctured a bunch of holes in the skin and squeezed out the juice. Which actually worked surprisingly well and got about 1/3 cup of juice.

I was about to take a shower, so I poured some in my hands and on my hair and tried to evenly spread the juice enough to just dampen my hair. I also figured this would be an ideal time to add some olive oil for even more moisturising. I left the mixture on my hair for about 20-30 minutes then rinsed and shampooed my hair.
(I also used the excess juice for a face wash and body scrub. Worked quite well in the body scrub – I mixed it with raw sugar and coconut oil.)

Using olive oil always works wonders for my hair, but I was really surprised at how manageable my hair was after using these two ingredients together. I have the type of hair that is smooth for about ten seconds after brushing it but if you go to run your hands through it, get ready to spend the next 5 minutes untangling the knot you just created. To say the least, I don’t expect much from a hair treatment as far as smoothing out my tangled hair. So after about an hour of driving around with the windows down, I habitually ran my fingers through my hair – which I usually get about 3 inches down and get stuck – my hand combed through the entire length of hair with barely any pull. I was absolutely amazed, I had to stop and realize what just happened because that’s literally never happened before!

JULY 31ST, 2013 As I’m writing this I’m running my fingers through my hair, and it’s actually pretty manageable for after work and not brushing it. Although I’ve only used the mango once, I’ve been using the olive oil consistently for a few months, so that’s definitely a contribution. But I really think the combination of the two made a difference the day I used it and it smelled nice too!


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