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Eating Out Meat-Free

Do you trust fast food restaurants or sit down restaurants when it comes to keeping meat items away from your food? I’ve had quite a few bad experiences where I’m starting to not trust anyone else with my food.

I went out for dinner a little while ago and I ordered a pita with hummus and veggies. I watched the person make the order, exactly what he put on the sandwich and I found a piece of meat in my pita! I couldn’t believe it. After a few experiences like this, I have a really hard time trusting restaurants; they don’t care that you don’t eat meat so they’re not going to take the same precautions that you would.

Which honestly scares me a little; how can you trust restaurants or companies to make products with the same precautions that you would take? How do you really know that you’re not getting tricked into eating something that has animal products or have been in contact with them?

I’ve noticed at Subway, the sandwich makers adding meat to the previous customer’s sub, use the same meat gloves to add ingredients to the next sub! Although some employees do change their gloves without having to ask, if you don’t realize what they’re doing you could be eating something questionable. The same thing is true if you eat pizza – I’ve found pieces of meat in “vegetarian” pizzas before. Plus, I doubt that many restaurants require employees to wash their hands between making meat and veggie pizzas.

Fast good restaurants really scare me though; the workers there are making minimum wage and most likely don’t care about the fact that you don’t want to cross contaminate whatever you ordered. At least at more established restaurants you can request from the chef and they may be more flexible for you.

It’s definitely hard to think about stuff like this when, especially for me, I don’t live near vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants and have to put the little trust I do have in someone else.

It has certainly encouraged me to think twice about ordering fast food and just sucking it up and making my own food! (At least I know what’s going into that food!)


7 thoughts on “Eating Out Meat-Free

  1. I work in a restaurant that does breakfast for the hotel next door, and the “vegetarian” sausages we get from the supplier contain meat extract! I refuse to serve them to vegetarians but the kitchen manager figured it out and now removes the labels so I cant see them!


      • I obviously refuse to serve them to vegetarians and it has been suggested that I take one to trading standards, other than the head chef they use all fryers are used for all things – meat products go in the same as things labelled vegetarian on the menu


  2. too many unknowns to eat at fast food places. the oil they use is old and rancid, the corn they use is GMO. The food is cheap because they use cheap ingredients! I try to bring my own snacks with me.


  3. It’s scary, because imagine what else they neglect? Like bacteria. Yikes! I went to Chili’s last night with a friend and they basically have nothing vegetarian except Mozzarella sticks (which I happen to love), but it’s one of the only times I am grateful of something being deep fried: it kills the germs.


  4. Random fact, you can claim an allergy to scare them into being cautious. A friend of mine is allergic to pickles, so she always points this out at drive-thrus and Subway-style places; they change their gloves to avoid a lawsuit! Another friend just dislikes certain veggies, so he claims an allergy to avoid having the veggie juices get on his bun. You can do the same with meat, and the fear of doing wrong outweighs the disbelief that anyone could be allergic to meat.


  5. The best restaurant that I have found for all dietary restrictions is FlatTop. It is a midwest stir-fry restaurant that when asked with produce gluten-free certified beef, cook your order in a separate pan, and has at least six different vegan meat-free protein choices (tempeh, quorn, etc.). They also have a list of all their soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free options and it it truly is perfect for any person.


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