Oatmeal: Face & Body!

Oatmeal is a wonderful staple in recipes – oats can help lower cholesterol, is a great source of fibre and can stabilise blood sugars. But it’s also a natural exfoliant, a soothing moisturiser and a great option for natural, animal friendly and budget friendly skin care! I love oats, you can get them from a bulk store for as little as 24 cents per 100g. That is so incredibly cheap! Especially when you only need a small amount to make a difference!

I always buy the smaller, “skinnier” oats; they are easier to work with and much better on the drain! You can always blend the larger ones to a crumbly texture, if you don’t have a strainer in your drain.

I like using just oatmeal sometimes, but I’ll usually mix the oats with other ingredients, like oil, sugar, maple syrup, sea salt or fruit.

Again, you can still get the same benefits if you blend the oats, it’ll make them easier to work with and they’ll still soothe the skin. You don’t need to blend them, but with some recipes it does make them a lot more manageable, but try different things to see what works best for your skin.

Mix a little oatmeal with water – to make a paste – and smooth over any blemishes or oily skin. Leave 10-15 minutes or until dry and rinse. Helps lift oil and soothe skin.

You can also make the same paste and apply for a regular face wash: Massage in oatmeal for about 30 seconds and rinse or you can leave on to dry and rinse.

I love using oatmeal as a body wash as well, it’s so soothing and naturally moisturizing. Adding an oil can really amp up the moisture factor as well. It also helps to clean the oil on your face/skin.

Oatmeal & Coconut Oil Bar
Although you could use any oil for this, I do like using coconut oil to make a “bar” of soap.
Mix 1/2 cup coconut oil with 1 cup of oats and mix together. Place into a glass jar and pop in the fridge. Coconut oil works great for this because it hardens in the fridge. I usually scoop a bit out and form a little oatmeal bar and use that in the shower – it’s a little less messy than a regular oil & oatmeal scrub.

Oatmeal & Banana
You could use this scrub on your face, body or in a foot mask to help heal dry skin. Bananas are also naturally moisturizing,
Mix 1 banana with oats, until you get a desired texture. When making skin care with bananas, I’ll usually do the same for my hair – since the bananas don’t last that long in recipes, maybe 2 days at the most. So I’ll usually blend a banana or two for this scrub and a hair mask as well. Blending the banana makes it much easier to work with and prevents getting little chunks stuck in your hair.

Oatmeal & Baking Soda
Using baking soda in the mask/wash can help cleanse the skin and provide extra exfoliation.
Mix oatmeal and 1 tsp. of baking soda with enough water to make a paste. The amounts are up to you, I usually just mix a bit of each until I get the consistency I like.

There are a bunch of other recipes you can google and ingredients you can try. But these are the ones I use the most and find work the best for my skin. Not everything will work for you but experiment until you find something that works well!

Take a look at this post for extra inspiration: Natural Skin Care


2 thoughts on “Oatmeal: Face & Body!

    • Cinnamon has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It definitely helps to cleanse the skin, although it could be preference. I would try it out and see if it works for your skin!


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