Fall Wedding!

I love fall, it’s one of my favourite times of the year; the changing of the leaves, the weather (where you could wear a jacket if you want but you don’t really need to), pumpkins everywhere and apple cider! Yum!
Not to mention all the pumpkin and spice-flavoured coffees, smoothies, doughnuts, bagels and candles! Ah, the sights and smells of fall!

This weekend was such a perfect reminder of why I love fall. I went to my uncles wedding, which was at Lang Pioneer Village – it was unbelievably beautiful and picturesque. It was also the perfect temperature; I was wearing a dress but had no sweater (I’m usually always cold) but Saturday was the perfect day for this!

I’ve never really wanted to get married – or had the whole day planned out in my mind since I was 7 – but I would definitely go for something like this, if I ever did. Simple, elegant, beautiful venue and surrounded by family!

Now to get out there and enjoy the weather before the cold starts rolling in!
Enjoy your Sunday!


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