Buy Nothing Day

So the other day at work, I was reading an article regarding this day, where you spend no money whatsoever all day. Apparently this has been around since about 1992 and it’s mainly to make people realize their spending habits and the amount of consumerism that’s going on in the world.

I really like this idea, although I’ve never heard of it before, it made me realize how the world gets consumed in buying things and our attachment to stuff. All the little things that get mindlessly bought and never used or the amount of money spent on indulgences that really aren’t mandatory to living a healthy and happy life.

I really do feel in the last couple years I’ve cut down on the amount of stuff I buy, but I still find myself buying lunch at work or bringing money with me when I go out, just in case.

In the article, it described a couple who decided to extend the day for the whole year, while I can’t see myself not buying food (mentions of dumpster diving made me a little weary), I really like this idea. So I think I’m going to try to adapt this idea within my own life and really cut back on the amount of money l spend on luxuries. So many problems in life seem to surround money and the amount that everyone has.

I’ve already stopped buying house hold cleaners and commercial bath and body products (with the exception if shampoo) and I really want to extend that to cover other items, especially with buying food, liquor and other needless household items. Not that I buy a lot of that, but l do find myself going out to eat more than l should and having the mindset of spending money to enjoy a night with friends.

Being meat-free for a good 9 years has definitely put things into perspective – not that meat-eaters can’t have the same mindset – but I find vegetarians and vegans have a better outlook on preserving the planet and consuming less, in my own opinion. There are so many products that have animal by-products in them, it’s a little easier to avoid buying specific items. Not just with food but with other products as well – one of the reasons I don’t buy makeup or many commercial products – even with ones that boast of being natural and vegan have chemicals and other unwanted ingredients.

I remember talking with my friend expressing the fact that when I leave this town (my ultimate goal would be to move to the east coast to a small, simple town) I would be more than happy to have a small place with a big yard to grow my own fruit and veggies and live by the water. He responded by saying he would rather have lots of money and spend it without having to worry about anything. Which I understand, but to me that seems like you would be chasing happiness with money and it’s not something I particularly want or would aspire to have.

Not that money is a bad thing, it’s the feelings and meaning that most associate with it. Money is essential in this day and age, but it shouldn’t be the main part of life. You only live once, you can’t spend your whole life trying to make money and miss out on all the joys this planet can offer.

That’s all I’m going to say for now, but I will definitely update my progress here and there.
Have a great Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Day

  1. I love the idea of this. Sometimes, when I feel I have been overspending for days on the trot, (especially after I have had friends visiting me from the UK, and we go mad eating out three times a day!) – I tell myself that i will try and spend no money for a day or two. It happens sometimes. You just need to be clever about grocery shopping I guess! And I totally agree with the toiletries and cosmetics things – usually totally avoidable as long as you have your basics!


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