Lentil & Rice Stuffed Peppers

I love stuffed anything – particularly peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. These peppers actually turned out quite well and more filling than expected. I like making meals like these because they’re so simple and versatile – and really hard to mess up!

I’ve used the “ground round” before when making dinners like this, but I had a bunch of lentils and figured they would be a good alternative to get the protein in the meal and they’re quite a bit cheaper as well (340g for 3.97 compared to 100g for about 20 cents!), which is always good for me!

1 cup of long grain rice
2 peppers
1/3 cup split lentils
olive/coconut oil
tomato sauce

Preheat 325-350 F
I cooked both the rice and lentils accordingly – split lentils don’t need to be soaked first and can be cooked in about 5-10 minutes, just make sure they’re not under/over cooked. Even though they’re getting put in the oven, under cooking too much will end up with a hard lentil (overcooking will result in a mushy one!).

ALSO TRY: Cooking With Lentils

After cutting the tops off the peppers (and bottoms if they aren’t standing up in the dish), slice tops and cook in a pan for a few minutes with a little olive/coconut oil and mix lentils and rice. I’m usually pretty simple when it comes to added seasonings but really anything could be added, to your taste.

Pour a little sauce in the bottom of the dish, stuff the peppers, pour tomato sauce over top and place in over for about 25-40 minutes – to your desired outcome.
You can also put sauce in the bottom of the pepper to keep everything moist in the oven.


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