Monarch Butterflies

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately at work (when the phones get dead there’s not much else to do!). And I was reading one recently about how the monarch population has been slowly but surely diminishing the past few years. It really made me think; when I was a kid, my family would go camping (and when I was about 8 my family moved to the country) and it was inevitable that you would see monarchs all summer and tons of caterpillars and their cocoons. But this year I realized I hadn’t seen one butterfly, not one!

That was until after I’d read that article, and this past weekend I visited Lang Pioneer Village for a wedding, that I saw the first one of the year. I was really happy to see one but really sad it was the first I’d seen all year!

A few years ago I got a book entitled Hope For Animals And Their World by Jane Goodall and it’s about some of the species that have been extinct, or going down that road, and the efforts being made to stop this from happening. This really changed my outlook on things, it was definitely an eye opener – but in a lot of different respects. There are many scientists out there who try to mate the few animals left of a species, but end up failing or having less than desirable outcomes. Which I respect but at the same time, isn’t this type of thing where we run into problems when breeding specific breeds of dogs or cats for a more desirable breed? I know it’s not the exact same thing but it makes me wish that people were more respectable to these species in the first place. Then we wouldn’t have scientists trying to stabilize an animal in fear of them going extinct.

There are so many issues in the world and it’s hard not to feel helpless, especially with problems like this where it’s past generations who have hindered the future for certain animals. The only thing we really can do is try to advocate more in our time in hopes that future generations will follow suite. But even this seems an impossible task with all the changes society is going through. Forests, trees and water seems to be diminishing unbelievably quickly and getting replaced by barren nothingness or huge buildings and cities.

I understand (somewhat) the need for expanding with the human population growing, but there needs to be more reservation of wildlife or our children’s children won’t be able to see certain animals except in books and movies. And that is certainly something that I hope never happens.

I always wish I could have seen the world hundreds of years ago, or even fifty. It would have been so different; the world has evolved so much in that short amount of time, it’s scary to think of what it will look like in another fifty or hundred years.


One thought on “Monarch Butterflies

  1. Yep there’s been mass animal die-offs on a massive (millions) scale in the last 2-3 years especially; land, water and air animals e.g. whole lakes washing up dead fish, beaches covered in dead birds, areas with whole herds laying dead. Insects of all kinds and very much so the plant pollinating ones especially with all the pesticides that make it so that they can’t eat.


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