Pumpkin & Banana Body Scrub

I haven’t realized I have not written a post since October! Whaaat! This one has been a draft for a while and hopefully will give you some (late!) inspiration for homemade scrubs.

Pumpkins have vitamin A,K & C, as well as iron, potassium and a moisturising agent.  As well as help to strengthen and smooth out hair.

Pumpkin & Banana Body Scrub (with Oatmeal!)
· pumpkin puree
· blended banana
· oatmeal
· sea salt
· olive oil

When I was making this scrub I was so excited to use pumpkin, but then as I was getting other ingredients I could use and this turned out to be a surprisingly wonderful scrub!

I also usually never measure anything, so just estimate how much you want to make and mix the banana and pumpkin first to judge how much scrub you’ll need. Add the oatmeal and sea salt/sugar and a little bit of oil if you need it.
You can also omit the sea salt and use as a hair mask, just make sure everything is pureed to avoid getting chunks of pumpkin/banana stuck in your hair.

Hope you enjoy!


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