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Save Money on Skin & Hair Care (By Going Natural!)

I’ve done a few posts on my view of the physical comparisons between store-bought and natural products. But I really wanted to compare the pricing as well; going natural is an easy way to be more budget friendly.

I used to spend at least $30 – $50 a month on skin care products, depending on what brand I bought that month. (I didn’t include shampoo in this list because I still buy it – the brand I usually buy is Live Clean for about $8.97.)
· face wash = $12.97
· body wash = $6.97
· conditioner = $6.97
· makeup remover = $4.97
· lotion = $8.97

That may not seem like a lot, but every year that’s $450 (and up if you buy more expensive brands)! Now using natural body care, I only buy certain ingredients that last longer and only spend about $10 every 1-2 months (compared to about $42 – a savings of at least $32 or 76% (potentially more!). The comparisons I made below are general; there certainly are days that I use ingredients other than these (but realistically, it’s adding citrus, fruit or another fragrance – which I use in cooking and would have on hand anyways). Although, most of the below ingredients fall into the same list of likely to have on hand for cooking or baking.

F A C E   &   B O D Y   W A S H
· Burt’s Bees Facial Scrub
$12.97 per 110g
· Baking Soda Cleanser (Baking Soda + Water)
$0.297 per 110g
Savings of $12.68!
Realistically, it’s going to be even cheaper than this – if you were to add water to 110g of baking soda to make a paste, you would have a mixture weighing more than 110g, and you need both water and baking soda to make this face/body wash.

· Olive Oil Scrub (Olive Oil + Sugar)
sugar, $0.08 per 55g olive oil, $0.51 per 55ml
 Savings of $12.38!

· Live Clean Body Wash
$6.97 per 500mL
· Baking Soda Cleanser (Baking Soda + Water)
$1.35 per 500g
Savings of $5.62!

· Olive Oil Scrub (Olive Oil + Sugar)
sugar$0.36 per 250g olive oil, $2.32 per 250ml
Savings of $4.29!

· Live Clean Conditioner
$6.97 per 350mL
· Olive Oil Hair Mask
$3.25 per 350mL
Savings of $3.72!
Specifically for conditioner, I find I use waay less olive oil than I ever used conditioner, and it lasts about twice as long. So even though you’re only saving about 50%, it’s likely it will last longer than a normal conditioner.

M A K E U P   R E M O V E R
· Almay Eye Makeup Remover
$4.97 for 60 pads
· Olive/Coconut Oil
$2.32 for 250ml
Savings of $2.65!
This is definitely a category that you could omit; if you’re using an oil to wash your face, it can take off makeup as well (olive and coconut seem to work the best), so you could end up saving even more.

· Burt’s Bees Lotion
$8.97 per 175ml

· Olive/Coconut Oil
$1.62 per 175ml

Savings of $7.35!
This one is kind of a cheat for me; with the use of oils in my body wash, using a lotion has become obsolete (although I never really used it before going natural anyways) so I’ve saved money here regardless, but for others it can definitely save to go natural.

Although this is based per month, I know I spend even less, mainly because the amounts used above last much longer than their store-bought counterparts do and can be used and substituted for many different recipes, food dishes, and homemade beauty products making them easily accessible and most often on-hand.

If you’re still debating on going natural or looking for a way to cut costs, doing some of these changes can not only help your budget but can improve your skin and hair health.

I based the pricing above off prices from a local bulk store. Price will definitely vary in different locations, but it gives a relative estimation.


3 thoughts on “Save Money on Skin & Hair Care (By Going Natural!)

  1. hey girl! i love your blog! i did some research a few months ago and sadly found out Burts Bees is owned by clorox! 🙂 thank you for doing so much research and writing this blog! I know it is very time consuming 🙂


    • Thank you so much! And I don’t currently (although maybe that will be the inspiration for the next!), as right now I only use one brand and it’s Live Clean shampoo. I find it is perfect for me because it’s natural, animal friendly and made in Canada. I’ll look into some other brands though and let you know!


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