I made a scarf!

I learned to crochet! (Or I’ve started learning to crochet!) My mom bought me the hooks, yarn and a direction book. Well, I read through the book and.. nothing clicked (plus hand-drawn illustrations are kinda boring)! So YouTube bound I was to learn the basics and how to hold the damn things! Once I got that out of the way, I wanted to make something! Every beginner video was, “Practice, practice”, nothing with, “Finish this and you get a wonderful outcome”.

So I found a video showing how to make a scarf. Well, since it was my first attempt (and 9 pm and I wanted to accomplish something!) I decided to shorten the length and make a washcloth! But, I made the wash cloth wrong, whoops! You’ll see in the pictures how there’s lines down each side, but that’s fixed in the scarf and it definitely turned out much better.

My main reason to learn to crochet was to make those cute little stuffed crocheted animals/creatures. So that will, hopefully, be a project done soon!

You can definitely see the lines above as to where I messed the seams up. And below on the scarf – I kinda went freestyle, no counting or anything, so the 2 ends of the scarf didn’t match. I made a twist in the material and started to stitch the 2 ends together, which you can see below is a little off.

It also wasn’t a long scarf at all, as I didn’t want it too long.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve done so far. I have a new black scarf started so I’m sure there will be pictures once those are up! đŸ™‚


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