Natural Hair Care

DECEMBER 14 2013: I have been experimenting the last 2 (ish) years with natural hair and body care and have really been amazed with the results compared to store-bought products. It’s cheaper, better for the environment, not tested on animals and can alter to whatever you have on hand.

The last few months have been a terrible time for me; I moved into an apartment for about 3 months with a friend (that didn’t end up working out), but I didn’t have the accessibility I normally have with certain ingredients and just got plain lazy. I was using store bought conditioner and body wash every single day. And let me tell you, it absolutely wrecked my hair. My hair was starting to get used to the olive oil and was really becoming manageable without having to brush my hair – which is my go-to in the morning when I’m late or don’t have time (which is most of the time).

But not using any oils or masks really dried out my hair. I’ve noticed 3 times as many split ends and brushing my hair takes forever because of all the knots. Before, I could get out of the shower, air dry my hair and just run my fingers through with barely any pull. Lately though, since I have been using store bought products every day and usually not brushing my hair, it’s been unmanageable, dry and brittle. The other day at work, I was unbelievably disgusted; I noticed a pretty big knot in my hair (and stayed the night before at my friends who, being a guy, didn’t have a hair brush), trying to kill time I decided to slowly try and get it out. Let me tell you, what came out of my hair was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! The biggest knot of dry, frizzy hair came out of my head.

Since that day I realized what store bought chemicals have been doing to my hair. I can’t believe how dry and unmanageable my hair is – especially after making the switch once, I never expected it to get this bad. But it really does prove how terrible store-bought products are for you, especially after abstaining from the chemicals and immediately adding them back every day, shocked my hair the way it did.

FEBRUARY 2nd, 2014: Even now, almost 3 months later (I moved into that apartment around September), I’m still dealing with the effects of not taking care of my hair; it’s still damaged, dry and frizzy. Even after (about) 2 months of doing oil masks, conditioning and not using any heat styling products, it’s barely made a difference. It’s definitely no where near as bad as it was a few months ago, but it’s still not as manageable as it was in the summer. I also recently trimmed the ends of my hair and it helped tremendously. I know it will just take time, but I hate seeing my hair so fragile!

Moral of the story? I am never going to skip an oil mask or get too lazy to make a scrub – unless I want dry, disgusting hair and dry and cracked skin!

Ideas for keeping your hair full and moisturised? Click below!


4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Care

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  2. Thank you for following my francesorganicbeautysecrets blog! It offered me the opportunity to discover yours! Great blog…and of course for me, as a natural health therapist and organic cosmetic formulator…I really enjoyed this post…
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and knowledge with us…
    I will be back to visit often and am following…your budget friendly too blog


  3. Excellent post and very poignant, I’ve also found that just a little bit of store bought hair shampoo and conditioner, even the natural organic ones can undo a ton of good work and damage the hair/scalp for a long time and usually because even though many of their ingredients are ok there’s always something in there that strips too much or makes the hair dependent on it.


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