‘E’-Spring Cleaning!

In the spirit of “spring” cleaning (and because I’m moving and always feel the need to organize everything whilst moving) I’ve decided to organize everything. Starting with the current apartment we live in, moving next to my belongings, finances, career goals, life goals and I’ve started, this week, to clean off my computer. I’m trying to go for a more simplified lifestyle in other aspects of my life, so I feel my computer should be the same.

Going through what I have on my laptop and what I actually use is ridiculous. I use a sum of probably… 5 programs: Chrome, PSP, Aviary, Calculator and Word. That’s basically it, so why I have 20 other programs I don’t use is unfathomable at this point.

To give an idea of how unorganized and piled up files on my laptop can get, there’s a screenshot below of my picture files just for this blog. :/ Looking at it gives me a headache! It’s so hard to find anything now, so I’ll just save it under ‘Posts’ and nothing gets organized.

So, after about an hour of moving and deleting files, I finally have a satisfactory storage system on my computer (as I did the same with my Documents and Videos). Now, there are the main files (ABOUT, BEAUTY, ECO-CHIC, FOOD, PERSONAL) with an extra for ‘Inspiration’. Under each category, I sorted by year as I find that to be the easiest for myself.

After going through all the files and pictures on my laptop, I figured I should tackle this blog; I have about 15-20 drafts constantly pending and there are some from last summer that I never got around to posting! I have deleted some and set a timeline on the rest (some just need pictures or references) to be finished within the next month or so. Going through all those posts I did find some pictures (plus a few videos) that I meant to publish a long time ago that I’ll just share now, plus I’ll have a small sense of accomplishment since they are finally getting posted!

I decided to set timelines for everything I can and make a schedule to get my life organized. Next, I need to go through my finances and goals. I’ve never really done this before but I feel like once I get on top of everything, keeping it that way will be so much easier. Plus saving for the future needs to start now!

SUMMER 2013:


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