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Hain Celestial Group Actually Vegan?

While writing out the list for companies that don’t test on animals, I looked in Hain Celestial Group that owns Alba Botanical, among others. The brands they own are vegetarian/vegan but the fact they are a larger company worried me on their values.

Looking through their website, they have basically zero information regarding animal testing. Reading through their annual report, though, I did find that:

[Hain Celestial Group] have a minority investment in Hain Pure Protein Corporation (“HPP” or “Hain Pure Protein”), which processes, markets and distributes antibiotic-free chicken and turkey products. We also have an investment in a joint venture in Hong Kong with Hutchison China Meditech Ltd. (“Chi-Med”), a majority owned subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, a company listed on the Alternative Investment Market, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange, to market and distribute certain of the Company’s brands in China and other markets in Asia.” – Hain Celestial Group

So the company that owns the vegan line Yves Veggie Cuisine, also sponsors antibiotic-free chicken and turkey. Hmm. They also have investments with Chi-Med, which I was curious to find more about.

On their annual report it gives more information about their
500 sq.m. animal testing facility. And I’m pretty sure the lovely pictures they share on the report, absolutely, includes a room full of rodent cages. If you want to read through it, click here.

At this point, I really don’t know what to believe. I believe that certain brands owned by this group certainly are vegan. However, the fact the parent company of these brands is more focused on making money than upholding their brands’ beliefs is hard to get by.

Even though they don’t technically test on animals, the fact they have relations and investments in animal testing companies and meat distribution upsets me. I wanted to post this first before adding their companies onto the cruelty-free list and writing it out reiterates why they shouldn’t be on the list. (Although the list is companies that don’t test on animals, not companies that don’t have shady relations.) Sigh.

Obviously you have to make your own decisions on what you feel is cruelty-free and what isn’t (and realistically, every company out there is hiding something). It’s just frustrating to find something you’ve trusted for so long to be a sham.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll give up Yves products (I have some in the freezer right now) I have completely stopped buying these products (although I did eat the ones in the freezer, let’s be honest). It really does bother me that I had relied on this company for protein in my early years of cutting out meat, not knowing what was actually going on behind closed doors.

Other Brands Owned By Hain Celestial
· Alba
· Alba Botanica
· Arrowhead Mills
· Avalon Organics
· Bearitos / Little Bear
· BluePrint Cleanse
· Boston’s
· Breadshop
· Casbah
· Celestial Seasonings
· DeBoles
· Earth’s Best
· Estee
· Ethnic Gourmet
· FreeBird Chicken · FREEBIRD Marching to the beat of a different drumstick, FreeBird chicken is raised humanely by family farmers on a proprietary recipe of pure sun-ripened corn and soybeans, completely free of antibiotics and no animal by-products. FreeBird Organic Chickens are free range and all FreeBird Chickens are free to roam. For more information visit
· Garden of Eatin’
· Greek Gods Yogurt
· Grains Noirs
· Hain Pure Foods
· Health Valley
· Hollywood
· Imagine
· Jason
· Lima
· Linda McCartney
· Maranatha
· Mountain Sun
· Natumi
· Nile Spice
· Orjene Organics
· Plainville Farms · PLAINVILLE FARMS Experts in farming since 1835, Plainville Farms was one of the first turkey companies in the country to humanely grow healthy and great-tasting turkeys with natural, time-tested methods refined over six generations of farming. Today, Plainville Farms offers the widest possible variety of antibiotic-free (ABF) turkey. So whether you’re looking for that perfect whole roaster, sandwich slices or convenient frozen options, we’ve got something delicious in store for you. For more information, visit
· Queen Helene
· Rice Dream
· Rosetto
· Sensible Portions
· Soy Dream
· Spectrum
· Sunspire
· Terra Chips
· Yves Veggie Cuisine
· Walnut Acres
· Westbrae Natural
· WestSoy
· Zia Natural Skincare


7 thoughts on “Hain Celestial Group Actually Vegan?

  1. Thank you for excellent information as I read & search hours on parent companies. I hope someone actually builds just a list of parent companies that do not test. It is more important to me as a “whole” that the head group believes in animal rights. I am saddened to read a company with name “Celestial” & so many wonderful Animal Free & caring brands actually works with other 3rd party companies that do not share the same ethical treatment & beliefs. So what is best outcome?! Brands are limited as well. If any tips on Parent companies that do stick to the ethical treatment 100% guess no dealings with Republic of China please share.


    • It’s a minefield out there! I just spent a fortune on Jason products thinking I was doing through right thing. What about E cover cleaning products? I don’t see them on a list🐰🐇


  2. This is the problem, all these child companies regardless of who they are/what they sell/do owned by parent companies all part of an amalgamation of corporations – the whole Earth is corporatized and divided into stocks/shares/assets = livestock. People are consumers/workers who now largely can’t/won’t/don’t live sustainably and on that level can only ‘vote’ with their money in the smaller outlets/child companies but would have serious difficulty boycotting the corporations even if they manage to avoid the parent companies. These larger parents and their corporations don’t care about what they’re selling as long as they’re selling and hence will buy into anything that can make a profit and help their goals and major shareholders – whether it’s an ethical or unethical child product/company and most of the the time the ethical ones are tokens/green washing for the image even if on the child level they’re earnest and trying to be good businesses.

    When the Body Shop sold out to L’Oreal and Innocent Smoothies sold out to Coca-Cola I was disgusted and disappointed (and of course all the products reduced in size and quality and increased in price); it comes down to them needing the money to expand or getting taken over in various parts of their infrastructure and who has the capital/money – the corporations. So even though I try to avoid parent brands like Proctor and Gamble for example I know that buying from one ‘ethical’/’decent’ company might still mean feeding a parent I don’t like and definitely a corporation because of that child’s sibling companies and then the corporations own the plantations or ‘stock’.

    It’s blogs like yours that help me know who is in whose ‘family’ groups and makes it better to avoid and reduce as much as possible. Thank you.

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