Animal Cruelty

Email Response from CARGO Cosmetics (Animal Testing)

This time, I decided to keep the email I sent them to compare what questions they actually answered. (Just a hint here, Cargo answer maybe 3.)

Here’s my email:
Could I please get an elaboration on Cargo’s animal testing policy? Does Cargo test any products or ingredients on animals? Can Cargo confirm and reference that their suppliers are cruelty-free? Would you be willing to name your suppliers? Can Cargo confirm and reference that at any time during the manufacture of any of your products, there is no animal testing whatsoever? Is it possible that Cargo’s products or ingredients are being tested on animals with or without (not asking a supplier for proof, for example) Cargo’s knowledge? Are Cargo cosmetics sold in China or any other country that mandates animal testing on cosmetics? Is Cargo currently (or plan) using any ingredients that are required, by law, to be tested on animals?
Thank you for your time and patience, I look forward to hearing from you.


And the response I got:

Thank you for your interest in our products.

You will be happy to know that Cargo Cosmetics does not participate in animal testing nor do we contract to 3rd parties that currently test on animals. We are not currently sold in China.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Jessica LaRocco
950 Third Avenue, 3rd Fl
New York, NY 10022
P 212.755.9300 x145
F 360.282.1931

I don’t even know what to say to that. First of all, yes you can be of further assistance by actually answering my questions.

So they don’t sell in China, but there are other countries that have the same regulations and no mention of those countries. They also couldn’t state whether they would be willing to reference and state their suppliers (which I can understand in the view of competitors). Nor if they use chemicals or ingredients regulated for animal testing.

I am hoping this company doesn’t test on animals, as they were originally started in Toronto, Ontario. But, the fact they are multi-million dollar company still worries me.

Looking more into this, Cargo Cosmetics (among others) are current holdings of TPR Holdings LLC, who currently has relations with:
Clicks Pharmacy
Harvey Nichols
Shoppers Drug Mart

Most of the above companies/institutions sell products that DO test on animals. Not only that, but TPR Holdings LLC owns other brands that are tested on animals. So even though Cargo doesn’t test on animals, they are owned by a company that not only supports it, but also has investments in animal testing companies.

With this information, Cargo is staying off the cruelty-free list. Obviously to others (and most bloggers/website authors that have written about animal testing) Cargo cosmetics would be considered cruelty-free. To what extent you’re willing to go with it, is the difference, I suppose. So for me, Cargo Cosmetics is NOT a cruelty-free company and will remain one as long as they are in relations with TPR Holdings LLC.

Other Brands Owned by TPR Holdings:
Cargo Cosmetics
Everlast Nutrition
fcuk (French Connection)
Film Movement
Freeze 24/7 Age-Less Skincare
John Varvatos
Nicole Richie Fragrance
Oscar Blandi Hair Products
Reem Acra Fragrance
Sweet Breath
Trilogy Fragrances
Zirh Men’s Skincare


6 thoughts on “Email Response from CARGO Cosmetics (Animal Testing)

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  2. Hi!
    Thanks for all your research – you’re helping us all out a lot 🙂
    I know this is an older post, but I’m just doing research on some brands now & it came up near the top of my google search – yay you!
    The company the bought the majority of shares in Cargo is a holding company – basically there to help the company create revenue on the stock market & at some point it would be bought by a cosmetics firm (like Estée Lauder as an example) or purchased back by the original owner with all its financial ducks in a row.
    It’s shitty that so many companies won’t come clean & answer all the tough questions about animal testing!!
    One that is great & is super-up-front about its ethics is LUSH Handmade Cosmetics. They are not really known for their make up, and it is a little unconventional, but it’s amazing! I like it a lot! It’s along the lines of Makeup Forever – super-dense pigments & bright flashy colours. Their foundation is amazing & can be mixed with moisturizer to make it less opaque. And every item is cruelty-free, fair trade, most are vegan (the use of honey is possible, ethically sourced) & gluten-free. Most makeup companies use flour or a flour derivative to create the base for their make up, but LUSH uses rice flour – so it’s more gentle, has a finer consistency and can be used by just about anyone.
    I hope this is helpful, they are a company a little off the beaten path of the regular makeup companies, but worth seeking out 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it! And I do like LUSH for their stance on animal cruelty. The only thing I don’t like with LUSH is they do sometimes use eggs or other animal derived products.


  3. Thank you for this information. I almost bought a bottle of Nicole Richie perfume. I don’t think it is cruelty free. I don’t like it when companies don’t answer questions. I know Drew Barrymore makes perfume. Her line Flower Beauty is cruelty free.


  4. Thanks for the continued research. I do my best to stay away from companies with parent companies who use them as a token ‘ethical’ company and expect consumers to believe the brand is actually ethical or in this case cruelty free especially when it’s easier for them to work with other companies from their parent. I do my best to remember names but work like yours helps to stay informed and remember/have a reference.


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