Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty in Media

I’m writing this because I just went on Facebook and not thirty seconds after looking on the news feed, someone posted a news article with kids that were caught abusing a dog in Missouri. (This, among other things, are why I don’t usually go on Facebook.) Anyways it made me think of how many times I would have to change the channel, look away or completely walk out of the room (if a lot of people are over and watching said show), just because of what was on the television.

It’s kind of unbelievable to me that someone can go out, kill an animal, slice it open, cook and eat it, all while being filmed and aired on a tv show. Don’t get me wrong, I get they’re allowed to do it and all that, I just don’t think they should be allowed; in my mind, if a child sees that it is okay to kill an animal, why would they understand that it’s not okay to kill a human? In the same view, if a grown man can hunt and kill an animal, what makes you think he isn’t capable of hunting down and killing a person?

I know these are very pessimistic views, but I (along with others, I’m sure) am sick of seeing animal cruelty everywhere. It’s bad enough that friends and relatives are hunters and display their “rewards”, but being in the comfort of my own home and not being able to feel comfortable is getting old.

After finishing the post on the companies that are still testing on animals, I have little to no hope of this view changing around, anytime soon. Not only is the media allowing, producing and encouraging animal cruelty through television, radio, movies, video games and news programs, they are also infusing it into our everyday lives. Almost any name-brand product on the shelves at Wal-Mart is going to be associated with a company that tests their products on animals, allows testing on their ingredients or supports animal testing (through a parent company, relations, etc.).

Companies Still Testing on Animals

Our society is so intertwined with animal cruelty, that a lot of people really have no idea until you point it out. Did you know that most blushes and lipsticks contain carmine? As well as a lot of red-coloured foods. Carmine is crushed female cochineal beetles – that’s what gives it the red tint. I have told this fact to so many people and not one of them knew. Not one. I guarantee you if people were informed about this, they would not be eating, drinking or slathering dead bugs on their faces.

Animal cruelty has evolved a lot in our society, just in the past 200 years. Starting around the early 1800s animals were being captured, trained and used within circuses for entertainment purposes. Circuses were relatively a large part of society until about the 60s, when the Ringling Bros. closed their operation down.  Within that time, when movies were being produced, you could see animal cruelty in films as early as 1903 (“Electrocuting an Elephant” a Thomas Edison short in which a circus elephant was seen as a threat to workers and sentenced to be hung). Another worth mentioning is the family movie Flicka (2006) where 2 horses were put down due to injuries sustained on set.  Aside from actual animal cruelty in films like these, there are countless reenactments – in almost every movie. A big one that comes to mind is Ol’ Yeller, mainly because that was one of my brother’s favourite films, but I always hated it because of the end – and that was a children’s movie. Another instance very big in my mind is on The Walking Dead, absolutely one of my favourite shows, but the animal cruelty in it is unreal: the tank scene, where Rick kills the pigs, zombies eating a deer. Among these, there are countless other reality shows which depict actual cruelty to animals which I absolutely deplore.

There are companies and regulations put in place specifically to help and protect animals used in shows and films, but there is currently no regulation stopping the depiction on television. The only hope going forward, is that these true acts of violence will taken off the air and out of the media.

{Side Note}
I also decided to add in an extra page at the top for “Animal Cruelty” as most of those articles are scattered about in Beauty, Food and Personal – so they will all converge in that page (minus a few beauty-related articles which are in both Beauty and Animal Cruelty).

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6 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty in Media

  1. Excellent insightful post full of important examples. Reminds me of teaching kids to kill, skin, take the rest apart and cook animals in club scout groups calling it survival yet if they taught them about botany and edible plants for food and healing everyone’d be a lot better off. Then the archaic and non-informative practise of dissection in high school classrooms. The same with the carmine example or other animal based or artificial food colourings even yet there are so many vegetable dyes.

    You’re right everyone has it in them to kill others particularly if the circumstances are right, what stops a lot of people killing other people are the mental blocks 1) that killing a person is not the same as a non-human 2) potential legal repercussions.


    • That’s exactly it, most people have a mental block between killing an animal versus killing a human – which is good, but I wish more had that hesitation for animals too.


  2. Years and years ago, when I used to argue such stuff, I remember being told that it’s okay to kill animals because – and I’m paraphrasing – we’re superior, we’ve a higher consciousness, etc. Well, I’d say, what about humans who are severely retarded? Who can’t feed themselves, dress themselves; who can’t use a toilet, and need their diapers changed? Are we supposed to eat them, too?? You simply can’t argue “consicousness” when there are lots of animals who are smarter and more aware than some people.
    I raised both my kids as vegetarians. My daughter (she’s 20) has taken a more active role in preventing animal cruelty. I find that since my son died, I can’t bear to face the cruelty. I can’t even watch a show where an animal is whimpering. I close my eyes and plug my ears and make Natalie tell me when it’s over. There’s enough pain in life without us inflicting more.


    • That is really a good point, the argument should never be consciousness, because it really is invalid. It’s also really inspiring that you raised your kids as vegetarians, it took me until I was 12 before I could convince my parents.


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