Soup + Growing Carrot Tops!

April 15th: After awaking to a wonderfully snowy April morning and deciding to make soup [below], I noticed that one of the carrots I was cutting had a green sprout at the very top. So, Googling I went to find if I can do anything with this carrot:

1. No, you cannot grow another carrot from this (something about seeding and being bi-centennial);

2. You can, however, grow a nice green plant from said sprout. 

The latter being the decision step into planting my carrot top in amongst my oregano plants. Now I get to await the growth of a green plant!
[Side Note: While writing in “amongst” above, I noticed that WordPress gives me a spelling error. Being the type of person that likes research to back up theories (and knowing that I know how to spell “amongst”, I went along to Google (again :/) to find out who was right: WordPress or myself. I was, but it made me think how many errors I’ll get for writing out the English (or Canadian) spelling of a word, not the US version. Anyways, now that I have that off my chest..]
This past weekend, I accompanied my boyfriend to our hometown for his father’s (surprise) birthday party. The night was perfect; there was a lot of family (for me to meet!) and friends, everyone had fun and there was TONS of food – so much that we got our share of the leftover food and stuffed it into what little room we had left in the car. An idea of the portion of the amount of food:

Anyways, came the idea this morning to use up a lot of these veggies for soup since it’s April 15th and it is snowing – when yesterday it was 20 degrees outside! (Ugh, come on Spring!)

Thank you for reading, enjoy your Tuesday Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Soup + Growing Carrot Tops!

  1. Very nice post! Wow nice to see such healthy food for a party!

    You can also do the same with onion tops and the White bits that grow out of potatoes – and I have the same issue with the spell check lol.


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