1 Year Anniversary + Cat Selfies

April 22, 2014: Earth Day is upon us, coincidentally is my 1 year anniversary with WordPress.

Earth Day always seems to elude me; I forget the day, don’t even realize it’s coming, or it passes and I don’t even know. Of course, I blame myself, but I feel I have to blame media in general; you don’t miss Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter or St. Patrick’s Day. The only reason Valentine’s Day gets as much attention as it does is because cards, flowers, chocolates, etc. are flying off the shelves. What can they sell for Earth Day? 50% off trees? (Which actually would be a great deal, but you get the idea.)

A year ago today, I had finally (after weeks of drafting and trying to get the layouts just right!) published my first (plus 5 more!) posts! In the first month – the end of April – I received 281 views and I was excited! The next months gradually increased: May had 594 views, June jumped to 1127 views and July rose to 2645. I am so grateful for the views, likes and feedback – it really makes my day when I get a nice comment or even a random like when I haven’t posted anything: it helps to remind me that people actually look at this blog and like it!

I love animals, I think that’s pretty clear. But my cats are like my children, I love them. Particularly Mittens; mainly because I’ve had her since I moved out (about 5 years!). Plus, she is more than a cat; Daisy is a genuine sleep-all-day-comes-out-for-food-and-only-wants-attention-when-she-wants cat. Mittens is a fetching, talking cat who runs to meet me at the door when I come home, shoves her way into the bathroom when I’m in there (especially at night which scares the shit out of me!), comes when I call her name and genuinely knows how to open closed doors just can’t quite grip her cute, little mittenhands around the knob. I could go on and on, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😉

Can kinda see her little tiny thumbs!

Absolute favourite picture of these two; she was sleeping but woke up when I took this picture!

This picture makes me laugh – it took me like 5 minutes to get this picture without her licking my fingers!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary + Cat Selfies

  1. I’m sooo tempted to say aww first BUT! Congratulations! The first 3 months are supposedly the hardest for new bloggers but making through the first year is really a slog and test of endurance and will – well done and extra kudos for having such amazing, informative and well laid out content! Your posts are always excellent reading.

    Ok now, AWWW – your kitties are sooo cute! Lol I the expression in the third pic and I like your caption about taking 5min to get a photo of the paw, my mum can sympathise with you about the pushing into the bathroom bit lol. I also love the last picture, how lovely.

    Congrats again!


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