Really Easy Weight Loss Trick (Advice?)

I’m pretty sure as soon as you read this you’re going to say,

“Well, duh.”

But I’m serious about this – it really honestly helps. (Obviously if you’re eating right and exercising along with it, it helps quite a bit more.) Even with me – eating out a lot and not eating very healthily lately – in general, I’ve noticed a big difference. I don’t feel as bloated anymore and I’m sleeping a lot better as well.

Drink water! And I don’t mean replace your one (or two) cups of coffee, tea, pop, or juice with water – I mean drink at least 8 cups of water a day. I used to drink water by the jug full and I stopped doing that in the last couple months and have really seen a change: I found myself more bloated and heavy feeling than ever before. I felt more tired and drained than normal and I wasn’t sleeping properly – when I woke up I didn’t feel as though I had just slept 7 hours, it felt more like 3.

A few weeks ago I started drinking as much water as I should be and I feel completely different; there would be some days I would eat barely anything, work for twelve hours and walk 40 minutes to and from work and still feel bloated. Now I’m eating as much as I should be (maybe a little more!), drinking 8 cups of water or more and feel way lighter than I ever remember in the last few months.

When I had my slight realization that I needed to start drinking more water, I was eating a lot of junk food one day at my apartment. I started drinking a few cups of water just to cleanse myself out a bit, I then went to my mom’s that night and ate more food. With all the water I drank (at least 7 cups in comparison to the usual 1-2), by the end of the night, later at my friend’s house,  my stomach looked flat. I was kind of amazed – I definitely did use the washroom more, but that’s a small price to pay for the flat stomach I’ve been wishing back into existence for the past year or so.

To be honest though, I’ve always been relatively thin and have always had at least a hint of the abs I used to have (if you run or you’re in sports, don’t stop!). But with all the hard work I feel like I’ve been doing lately, I was getting pretty discouraged. Drinking more water seems like the easiest thing, but I overlook it quite a bit and definitely haven’t been drinking as much I should.

I’m not saying this will instantly make you lose weight, but if you notice you’ve been more bloated or sluggish lately, try this. It definitely helps to cleanse out your system if nothing else.


Have a great weekend!




This post was actually written out and in my drafts since October – a good reminder of the spring cleaning I haven’t done yet!


10 thoughts on “Really Easy Weight Loss Trick (Advice?)

  1. everyone looks at me funny for the amount of water I drink, but it really does make you feel so much better!
    Some people get weird about not liking the taste, so I add some slices of orange/lemon/lime and even strawberries in and it will gently infuse into your water. It makes the water moorish and if you make a big batch and leave it in the fridge it’ll be ready prepared for you all day!


  2. It does help to flush your system, though I go to the bathroom enough as it is without drinking more lol! Plus I have to filter, distill and UV my water anyway so it’d mean a lot more work to get that many extra cups. So if I were eating too much and mostly junk food I’d probably use veg/fruit/really dark choc that has laxative properties in that circumstance yet doesn’t when not bloated or I’d alkalize with fruit or sodium bicarb and then flush through. It’s horrid being bloated let alone over a period of time, so I’m glad this worked for you!


  3. I used to drink more water than I do now, and I definitely feel the difference, thanks for this post, will try and pay attention and bring myself back to a comfortable feeling, instead of bloated unhappy feeling.. Water rules!


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