Potato & Apple Hash

This recipe was kind of a surprise for me; I  had apples, I had potatoes and I was hopeful.

The result of this combination is really delicious. The spices mix well together and the apples add the perfect sweetness. Plus, let’s face it, this was inhaled within 3 minutes – it was good! Definitely a recipe I will make and tweak, again and again.

I made this for dinner, but it could easily be eaten any time of the day!

Potato & Apple Hash (for 2)
· 2 potatoes, 1 per person
· 1 apple, per 2 people (although I could have done 2 apples because it really wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting)
· 1 sweet onion
· coconut oil, about 1 tbsp.
· cinnamon
· ground pepper
· basil (or other, I added the tiniest amount, probably didn’t make much of a difference)

After cutting (and peeling, if desired) the apples, onions and potatoes, add to pan with 1 tbsp. of coconut oil. Add cinnamon, pepper, basil and/or any other spices. I’m really not sure the measurements, I would guess about 1 tsp. or so of both pepper and cinnamon and a tiny pinch of basil.

Cook covered until tender on medium high (about 15-20 minutes) and enjoy!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!
Happy Remembrance Day!


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