Broccoli Smoothie!

This was an odd revelation after realizing I no longer needed the broccoli, that was already cut, for a meal later that night. After a quick google-search, I realized this is a thing and tried it out for myself. After a bit of tweaking, this is definitely a combination I will be going back to.

I’ve been on a bit of a smoothie craze lately, trying to get the most of what fruit I buy and wasting as little as possible. Whenever I buy spinach, that normally finds its way into the blender, since salad doesn’t really get made that often. I love that homemade smoothies are a genuine meal in a glass, not a flaky, store-bought version with additives and fillers.

Reading online, a few people had suggested steaming or boiling to more easily blend the broccoli, but I decided to stick with raw and the nutritional value is slightly better.

Broccoli Smoothie
· handful broccoli
· splash (or two) of almond milk – helps to mix the broccoli and mask the flavour a bit better. I didn’t measure but I would guess about 1/4 cup
· 4 kiwis
· 2 bananas
· 1 avocado
· 1/4 cup almond butter

Place the ingredients, with the broccoli and almond milk in the bottom, into the blender and blend. Some stirring may be required if you have a cheaper blender, like I, but the broccoli goes pretty easily for such dense green (compared to spinach).
I originally mixed all the ingredients minus the avocado and the result was good, but a little too liquid-y for me, I added the avocado and 1 more kiwi and the result was delicious!

The addition of almond butter is also a great and delicious way of getting more protein out of smoothies rather than resorting to protein powders. Plus masking the taste of the broccoli definitely doesn’t hurt.

I hope you enjoy and try throwing a handful of broccoli in your next smoothie!



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