Are you REALLY a vegan?

Maybe this is just me, but I am finding it more frequent for others to call themselves “vegetarian” or even worse, “vegan” but they have no clue what to even avoid. Example: About a year ago, it was revealed to me that my friend was apparently a vegan. When talking to her though, she admitted that she ate turkey on Thanksgiving, and she was eating cheese (and salad dressing) at the get together when I saw her. I want to stop there.. but it gets worse. About 6 months after the fact, she was at a wedding I went to. And it was mentioned that not only is she not a vegan anymore, but she “had” to compete in a hotdog eating contest for her job and since then is eating meat again.

I don’t want to go on too much of a rant here but honestly, that really pisses me off. In the sense that I have dedicated myself over the past 10 and half years to know what to avoid and research as much as I can and there’s people like that who decide, “Yeah, being a vegan would be cool”. And I get it, health reasons are a perfect reason to eat like a “vegan”, however if you are truly not vegan and only avoiding meat sometimes, then it should be stated that said person does not eat meat or that they are striving for a vegan lifestyle.

Being a vegan, in my eyes, is a lifestyle. Meaning your entire life revolves around avoiding hurting any animal (or insect) in any way, whatsoever, no matter what. Not picking and choosing your boundary lines. If you want to still wear makeup or buy products that are tested on animals, fine. Don’t advertise yourself as a vegan then. If you’re buying any type of fast food (or junk food, for that matter) and can’t name off the ingredients – it’s probably not vegan. If any of the ingredients include: carmine, gelatin, cane sugar, natural flavour (in most cases it’s not plant derived) among many, many others – it’s definitely not vegan.

I’m not trying to slander anyone for trying the lifestyle. But I’m also pretty confident in my assumption why there are 2 different words for people who do not eat meat. Being a “vegetarian”, in my opinion, is a transition stage to becoming vegan or for people that don’t want to be completely aware (or are and don’t care). This may sound harsh but honestly: Why not eat meat but still consume dairy? Not eat fish but still brush makeup (that was tested on animals) on your face? Animals are still getting caged, poisoned, tortured and killed because of these other practices that most choose to ignore.

(To make this post a little less ranty here’s a picture of my cat.)

If you are unaware: research every brand/product you use – for everything. Companies don’t like advertising the amount of animals they torture and kill. But they do like taking advantage of the fact that many people do not have the awareness, or don’t care to, of where a certain product may come from.

Please inform yourselves! Make a change! Love happy & live healthy!


3 thoughts on “Are you REALLY a vegan?

  1. HI I have never heard of anyone saying they are vegan but consume animal products it must be a minority of people who do this, all of the vegans I know are not like that as it is a lifestyle not a diet, which is what you say. Nice post !!


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