Simple Tofu Substitute for Ground Beef

Or scrambled eggs, on sandwiches or in wraps, sauces. I just eat it by the spoonful now.

I have to admit, this tofu scramble is pretty good. Plus it’s versatile so you can add just about anything to your taste. The key is time and patience and a good pan (so the tofu doesn’t stick to the bottom).

Ingredients (you can add basically anything you want the tofu to take the flavour of)
· 1 pkg firm tofu
· 1-2 onions
· 3-4 stalks celery
· 2-3 large carrots
· 1 cup mushrooms
· 1/4 cup mustard
· 1 tbsp. diced/dried herbs

Step 1. To drain the tofu, cut into pieces, wrap in a paper towel and squeeze all the sides until most of the water has soaked into the towel. (You can also just cut into small pieces and squeeze the liquid out over the sink – saves some paper and doesn’t  make that much of a difference to me.) Crumble into pieces similar to scrambled eggs/ground beef.

Step 2. Place in pan with onions, mushrooms, carrots and celery to brown. Adding green peppers or other veggies definitely doesn’t hurt the outcome!
{I will normally turn the burner up to high heat until the water has dissolved and the tofu is starting to brown a bit (not too much), then I’ll turn the temperature down to medium-low. At this point, or whenever the pan is starting to get a bit dry, add a little oil to the middle of the pan.}

Step 3. To get the illusion of scrambled eggs (and extra flavour for a ground beef-like mixture) I always add mustard. Depending on what else is on hand, hot sauce, dried herbs and ground pepper are usually added.

Step 4. Cook times for this dish will vary, depending on the stove and person. After prep, and everything is in the pan, I easily leave covered medium-low (stirring every so often) at least an extra 30-40 minutes, just to allow the ingredients to really penetrate the tofu. Otherwise the flavour can be diminished – just keep an eye on the pan and taste often!
If desired, once mixed well and cooked to your preference, add tomato sauce/kidney beans/etc. to convert to a pasta sauce or chili.

The 1st (& 4th) step(s) are pretty much all the knowledge one needs; once learning to prep tofu, the only thing left to learn is patience. Everything else – adding onions, base veggies and spices – are already acquired knowledge. Tweaking this recipe a little (or a lot) can really change the final outcome.

Good luck and enjoy your Monday!
~ Stephanie


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