Baking Soda & Olive Oil Scrub

The one downside I (sometimes) find with using oil scrubs is overly moisturised skin – especially on the face and neck. Eliminating this issue definitely starts with improving my diet and lifestyle, but this is a pretty easy solution to the problem for the moment.

June 24th, 2014: Adding baking soda to my normal scrubs have made a huge difference. Normally, I’ll make either just the baking soda wash (baking soda + water) or an oil & sugar scrub – mixing them together never really occurred to me until recently. So after a day of work, showering is top priority. I realized quickly that a simple sugar and olive scrub was not going to cut it, so I went to the cheapest thing I could think of to keep the smell away: baking soda!

It worked! I smell awesome after I shower and you couldn’t tell I was sweating all morning.

June 9th, 2015: I have been experimenting with this combination for almost a year now and it really is a magic face wash. Every time I shower, I’ll make a new (shot) glass of face/body wash, but sometimes I get lazy or don’t have time and just use water. And going a day or two without washing my face – although is pretty gross! – really did not change my skin or cause it to breakout. Although, as soon as I use the scrub again, there is an immediate difference. The baking soda and sugar really help to scrub away that dead skin and dirt.

The same for the rest of my skin – even if I don’t use a body wash every day, as long as I’m using olive oil on my skin at least every 2-3 days, I have a constant softness to my skin. Although within the past year I’ve switched to mainly olive oil, sugar and baking soda combinations, I’ve been using natural skin care for about 3 years. So my skin has been getting a pretty constant stream of olive and coconut oils, bananas, oatmeal, maple syrup, and strawberries.

March 8th, 2016: Well, it’s been about 2 years since I originally started experimenting with baking soda and the results are pretty remarkable. I don’t use baking soda every day, especially in the winter. Though I usually wash at least 1-2 times bi-weekly with baking soda, using olive oil & sugar for the remainder. Baking soda completely eliminates any odour, really helps to clean extra debris off my face and skin and adds an extra exfoliant factor.

May 2nd, 2016: Just to add an extra point: I ran out of olive oil for about 2 weeks and decided to try using almond oil instead.. Not that it didn’t help – my skin was moisturized and relatively smooth but the results were not long lasting. My skin would get itchy quickly after showering and dry out much more easily. I bought olive oil yesterday, showered once in the morning and my skin is basically back to normal! (As I’m rubbing my skin, it definitely feels smoother, even after 24 hours!)

I have tried different things in the past and I’ll definitely continue to try new things but I will always keep this combination as my default. Baking soda, olive oil & sugar has never failed me and leaves my skin at a healthy medium.

September 15th, 2016:
It’s been quite a few years that I haven’t used anything but olive oil, sugar/sea salt or baking soda on my skin and my skin has adjusted quite amazingly. I continually get remarks on the state of my skin – how clear my face looks or how soft my arms are. I recently moved at the beginning of August and didn’t have much time to run out and stock up. So, for the first 2 weeks, I wasn’t using anything on my skin except water. The change was terribly noticeable. After about a week and a half, my skin started to get itchy and dry – something I hadn’t experienced in a few years. But I have gone back to committing myself to making a new batch of body wash every few days and my skin has gone right back to its normal, silky feel.

*Just a side note.. I do shower every day! (Sometimes twice a day with my job.) I’m just stating, in the past when I have skipped a day or two of making the body wash and used just water, there really was not that much difference. Could it be because of the lack of chemicals?? One has to wonder.

I encourage anyone to try this out. It’s all natural, it won’t hurt your skin and diluting the baking soda with olive oil helps to moderate the effect, as well. Plus it’s the perfect way to cut back your environmental footprint – it’s much more cost-effective than store-bought face/body washes with less chemicals going on your skin and less bottles going into the landfill. To learn more about being budget friendly in regards to your beauty routine, check out the link below – you could save up to 75% of your yearly expenses just on skin care products!
Save Money with Natural Skin Care


Good luck & enjoy your Thursday!
~ Stephanie






2 thoughts on “Baking Soda & Olive Oil Scrub

    • I use a small container and pour the amount of sugar that seems suitable for my body or face then add just enough oil to cover the sugar. I don’t like the mixture to be too oily so after mixing there is no extra oil in the container. When I add baking soda, I just sprinkle a small amount before adding the oil. I would estimate no more than a teaspoon. A little goes a long way!


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