Animal Cruelty

Is Hunting More Moral Than Being Vegan?: My Response

I decided to read the article, fully, before making any judgments and let’s remember: morality is the issue in question here. Basically to sum up the article, the writer is exposing that vegans, while trying to be moral and aware of many issues, are taking a blind eye to that fact that countless rodents and small animals are being killed by mass productions of soy beans and rice (most commonly consumed by vegans). And these mass production are the main cause of wiping out rain forests. So, of course, being a hunter and killing and dismembering one animal, that is going to last a significant amount of time, is much more moral than trying to avoid intentionally hurting any animal or insect.

“The strangest thing about the concept that eating a plant is moral in comparison to eating meat has one basic flaw. Who decided the plants life was less valuable than the animal? Anyone could fairly argue that this bold conclusion is an indication of a god complex” DeRosa argues.

First of all, plants are insentient; we know this. They don’t cry out or outwardly express pain. Many plants also ripen, fall off and start the process over. No animal ripens and offers itself for consumption. As well, if the argument is relating back to “killing” plants – the animals a meat-eater consumes “kills” a lot more plants than a vegan would on their own. So, not only is a meat-eater eating more animal flesh, they’re also consuming more plants.

“I just do not understand where people get off thinking humans are not part of the eco-system. You cannot argue fact, and the fact is that humans have been a natural predator for not just a short period of time, but for millions of years.”

Humans have been (and are) a forced part of the ecosystem; humans have wiped out species, dramatically changed landscapes, climates and populations of other animals and plants. Because of the fact that we are superior beings, we need take advantage of our resources and help the other animals and plants on the planet, not kill them. If we are to stick with the notion that we certainly are predators, then other natural (animal) predators should no longer be penalized for killing a human. No elephant, shark, bear, wolf should be put down because humans are threatened by them. They are threatened by us: we are the superior predator, after all. We are apart of the ecosystem, we should be accepted into the food chain as predators. Especially since we can’t eat meat raw or kill a large animal with our teeth or nails. Our digestive system is also that of a herbivore, how peculiar. If we were true predators, there would be no laws mandating cannibalism; many predators in the wild will kill and consume their own species and/or sometimes their young.

Humans also just aren’t natural predators; if you give a small child a baby chick and an apple, which do you think the child will play with? Will eat? If those same items were given to a baby kitten (a natural predator) that kitten is going to instinctively kill the moving object. Society changes humans in omnivores – teaching which animals to eat and which to love as pets. We are brought up in a society that teaches us it’s okay to eat farm animals – certain farm animals; the one’s we can make the most profit off of. Beyond that, our teeth match other natural herbivores, not predators. Herbivores perspire through their pores, sweating to cool down; carnivores perspire through the tongue and cool themselves by panting. We don’t have large canine teeth or claws to help kill/devour. Nor have we ever – we have evolved to enjoy the taste of cooked, seasoned (with vegetables) meat. Not raw meat like every other species but specific meat that is made good with the help of vegetables. Our bodies instinctively reject meat and dairy, retaining the fat and cholesterol, clogging our arteries. The only foods that can actually open up clogged arteries are plants.  Plants are so nutrient-rich, a person can consume an almost limitless amount and never receive a bad outcome. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes are almost guaranteed with an over-consumption of meat and dairy.

“What it gets down to is that I know where my food came from, I processed it with my hands, I preserved it with my hands, I myself killed it with my hands. I know that only one single animal died for my dinner tonight and I am not running from my conscious. There is nothing I could do between my garden and my hunting to become more moral when it comes to food consumption.”

If consuming any dairy or processed foods or use (basically any) name-brand commercial products (shampoo, dish soap, condoms) you are taking part in the rape, torture and slaughter of millions of animals every year. No hunter can claim that they are only killing one animal for their meal if they are still consuming, or using, any of the above products. It is estimated, that around the world, 115 million animals are being used and/or killed in research and testing.

According to the CCAC, Canada has tested on no less than 1.9 million animals (per year) since 1996. The highest reported year was 2011 testing on a staggering 3.3 million. 

“Your factory processed soy ‘burger’ is reckless and destroying the rain forest. My venison burger not only helped toward balancing the eco-system, it tastes better too.”

Soybean plants are a factor in the destroying of the rain forests, though the majority of these plants are used to feed livestock: a large part of the deforestation is due to the raising of livestock (and the drug trade; coca has been excessively produced in South America causing huge deforestation issues). The main factor in destroying rain forests are HUMANS. If there was no livestock in the first place, there would be millions of acres free for planting – for actual human consumption. And because of the lack of need for extra crops and livestock, we could actually start growing back the forests we cut down.for future generations and preserve the little wildlife we have left.

Lastly, a lot of vegans don’t eat “processed soy burgers” because of the fact they’re processed. A large majority of vegans are living a specific lifestyle to be as animal-friendly as possible but also as healthy as possible. Most vegans avoid any type of processed foods and eat mainly whole foods. I’ve actually heard of more meat-eaters consuming vegan soy burgers than I have heard of vegans consuming them.

We have complete control over what happens to this planet. No other animal or species on Earth has this ability: stop being self-righteous, stop being selfish, stop making excuses. Look around, look at what this world has become. Humans can be terrible, cruel beings ruining joy and life for so many other beings. Humans created this society; we limited the space in which animals have to flourish, we need to make excuses to ‘stabilize’ populations. We are the ones who tried to cram them all in a tiny forest in the first place. Humans can’t continue living so ignorantly, we are going to wholly regret it in the future.

Live Healthy & Love Happy!
~ Stephanie

Edit: Since I first started writing this article until now, the article where I got this excerpt seems to have disappeared. The only link that seems correct is this: – but I can’t seem to load it on my computer. I’m not positive the link is live or not.


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