Soyarie Tofu Dish (budget-friendly!)

A few of my favourite joys in life include cooking, spending time with others and if I can save money while doing it – even better!

I recently came across the Soyarie brand of tofu products. They were founded in 1979 and the factory where the products are produced is less than 15km away from where I live! I was hoping there was no parent company that dabbled in other prospects (like Yves Veggie Cuisine) and so far I have not been disappointed; they are still a privately owned company with no ties to any big parent company.


One package of Soyarie Tofu mini cubes is about $3.19. Using only half the package and adding other ingredients, stretches one package into 2 meals.

I was greatly inspired by the plethora of ‘burrito bowls’ I keep seeing on Pinterest and YouTube. A great way to use up extra veggies, experiment with different flavours and get a good amount of nutrients all in one bowl.


· 1 onion ($0.25)
· 1 red pepper  ($0.74)
· 1 cup of cooked chickpeas ($0.20)
· 1 cup diced tofu (or 1 cup of packaged, already diced & seasoned tofu) ($1.59)
{Using regular tofu is going to be even cheaper as 1 package of tofu can be found for about $1.19 and using only half cuts the cost down even further. The only extra needed would be a sauce to marinate the tofu in.}
· 1 cup mixed vegetables (I used frozen veggies as I had a few bags in the freezer to use up) ($0.82)
· spices (whatever you desire)
· chili thai sauce (or other, if needed*)
{* Because the packaged tofu already had sauce in the package, I didn’t need to add anything other than olive oil to the frying pan.}
· 2 cups of rice ($0.51)
· 1/4 cup of homemade hummus [optional (+$0.10)]

This entire meal for 2 costs only $4.11!
 (If adding homemade hummus, the cost can go up slightly – I’ll be adding the recipe for the Beet Hummus in this recipe by tomorrow, I’ll link it here when it’s up!)

I put some olive oil in the pan, added the onions and peppers to brown, added the tofu, chickpeas and veggies and let it cook for a good 45 minutes. You don’t necessarily need to cook it that long (unless your tofu wasn’t marinating previously), but I was trying to time every thing out – towels were in the dryer and we really wanted to shower before eating! Plus half way through I decided to make some hummus with the left over chickpeas so that took some extra time as well!



The end result was delicious! (I had to stop myself from eating half of the tofu mixture out of the frying pan!) The cost was very low plus it was an easy meal to prepare and cook.

I’ll definitely be trying more of this brand and trying more combinations!

Have a great Sunday!
~ Stephanie































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