Budget-Friendly, Too was originally started as a place to express my ideas about being eco-friendly and living a vegan lifestyle. Now, a year later, it is so much more than that. It’s the one place I feel comfortable, the one place I can get lost in for hours and I don’t feel like I wasted my time (like I do with watching TV, etc.). I love the feeling of someone reading and actually wanting to read what I’m writing – which is still kind of unbelievable to me!

“I’m really grateful for the things I have and my family, don’t get me wrong. But, it’s hard to not think of what could have been or to wish you could go back a few years (or ten). I know comparing myself to others is wrong, but it also helps me realize what I have and what I want to work towards.”

I have always strongly believed that, but this blog has helped me actually do that. I always used to wish my life better, but I can’t. I need to make goals and set the steps to achieve them. Stop relying on fate and get things done on my own.

Creating BFT has taught me who I want to be in life and what I want to become. I strongly believe society is going downhill and people are becoming much too reliant on media. Some people just don’t appreciate the things around them and what they have, right in front of them. Life will pass one by in a blink, if they don’t appreciate every day. My main goal in life has always been to get away, move to a small town and live near the water. This is how I grew up and I hope that my (future) children will be as fortunate.

I’m constantly struggling with that fact that a lot of people just don’t care. I consider myself a caring person, so when someone is in need – even if I dislike said person – I will help them, if I can. It seems other people don’t care to help others. Maybe it’s the mentality that I grew up with; my parents always taught my brother and I to be respectful, even if you don’t like the outcome. I have had arguments with people where we disagree on thoughts or opinions and I get called names. Why am I “stupid” or a “bitch” for believing that animals deserve as much rights as we do? I try to never call anyone names, because I know how I feel when people do it me. A person’s intelligence, sexual history, etc. should not be relevant in an argument concerning something else.

BFT has proved me wrong, however. There are so many bloggers and readers I have connected with through WordPress and it truly is amazing. People do care. Maybe not every person on the planet. But there are still people who care and want the same changes that I want. It is possible to change the world. Not all at once, or in a short period of time. But as long as there are positive people who want the same positive changes, there is hope for us and our world.

Thank you to anyone reading this or following this blog, it means the world to me!


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  5. Hi, thanks for sharing!
    Just wanted to say that a good way of leaving processed foods behind is just adding more greens to your food, slowly on, until your palet changes and you no longer want any processed foods.


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